Lezing 1871 – Dr. Arianna Bisazza

SprekerDr. A. Bisazza (RUG)
TitelKnowledgeable, eloquent and persuasive: Inner workings and societal impact of ChatGPT and other AI tools for text generation
Datum/tijddinsdag 13 februari 2024 om 20:00u
Terugkijkende lezing kan online teruggekeken worden via YouTube

A year since its appearance, ChatGPT keeps making the news and maintains an impressive user base with nearly 1.5 billion visitors per month. Meanwhile, a number of competing chatbots based on similar technologies have started to appear. These powerful AI-based tools can entertain human-like conversations and answer complex questions in many languages. With their wide range of applications, they are affecting more and more our daily life, sometimes even without our awareness.

In this talk, I will showcase some of the surprising text generation abilities of ChatGPT, ranging from answering complex questions, mimicking writing styles, revising text passages to fit specific genres, and producing convincing arguments. However, ChatGPT has also unexpected weaknesses, particularly when it comes to the task of producing bibliographic sources for a given answer.

I will then explain how ChatGPT works, and why it is intrinsically problematic to trust its answers without proper verification. We will discuss the societal impact of AI-based text generating systems, ranging from the intensification of biases and the marginalization of less represented language communities to the unavoidable impact on education.

Finally, we will reflect on the role of academic researchers in ensuring that language technologies remain sustainable and inclusive.